Why Use TDR

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What We Do

At Turbo Debt Recovery, we provide real collections results within 60-90 days on a 100% contingency fee basis. Our solution is simple: we treat people compassionately and collect in a professional, firm, and polite manner. Our 15-minute set-up process and agency responsiveness creates easy and clear communication for our clients. With over 25 years of experience and millions of dollars collected for the government, healthcare, and commercial industries, Turbo Debt Recovery is the debt collections agency for your collection needs. 

What Makes Us Different

VISION – We do our homework to understand the full scope of each account within our system.  Through our decades of experience in collections with distinguished clients, we are prepared for any situation and maintain calm in a turbulent industry.

PERSISTENCE – We follow through on commitments and maintain a steady return on accounts placed with our agency.  If there is an opportunity, we will find it.

COMMITMENT – We do whatever is necessary to ensure a seamless relationship with our clients.  It is our job to take the work off your plate and return the money to your business.  Let us know your problems and we will find your solutions.

INTEGRITY – We treat the account and the slow-paying client as if they were our own.  Our team maintains integrity throughout the account lifecycle, ensuring the best possible outcome for each account.

EXCELLENCE – We are consistent in our execution, providing timely feedback and accurate insight into the status of each account within our system.  We report this information back to the client in recurring or on-demand formats.