• Within the ever-changing framework of the highly-regulated debt collection industry, we ensure that all aspect of our process meet or exceed the standards and requirements governing our practice.
  • Ensuring that the information we receive is properly protected and secured is necessary for the proper and effective recovery of your debt and is among our top priorities.
  • Turbo Debt Recovery is subject to the security requirements of IRS Publication 1075 and is subject to audits by outside parties every 18 months to ensure compliance.
  • We are also committed to following the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) guidelines to make sure that the collection process is as quick and efficient as possible.
  • We have ensured that protected health information for medical services debt recovery is properly protected and secured according to the mandates of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”).
  • Experienced Collectors
  • Proven success in collecting millions of dollars
  • We have collectors on staff that collects on behalf of the State of Ohio Attorney General’s office
  • If we can’t collect the debt, we’ll advise whether it’s worth the time and money to go after this debtor in court or if the debt should just be written off
  • Gain access to our direct network of thousands of attorneys
  • Allow us to offer multiple solutions to your problem
  • We start the collections process within 24 hours of the claim being placed (or next business day)
  • You have your own account representative for any questions pertaining to your file
  • Placing multiple claims is streamlined and efficient – easily place one claim or multiple claims with the click of a button
  • We make client updates easy. You can call-in or email us anytime. We will follow up with you immediately

Collection Litigation

Once we have exhausted all pre-judgment collection efforts, we will weigh if it makes sense to move forward with litigation. With our previously described skip tracing techniques, we will advise if it’s worth your time and money to go after this debtor in legal proceedings. Whether it’s our in-house law firm or our direct network to thousands of attorneys, we will make sure you’re in the best hands.

Collecting on Liens/Judgments

If you have already obtained a judgment, we can collect it for you. With our successful experience and in-depth knowledge on legal collecting, we know what it takes to collect your debts in a cost effective manner. Once an account obtains a judgment, we will advise the legal remedy that we feel will collect the debt. We can implore remedies such as a bank attachment, cash box execution, judgment debtor examination, wage garnishment, non-wage garnishment and more. The ability to collect on an account that has a judgment requires one of our proven and experienced account representative.

Skip Tracing

Our experienced account representatives will begin skip tracing your account once it’s placed in our office for collection. We’ll locate any assets the debtor owns, we’ll do an in-depth search on the company’s principals, and we’ll look for all viable assets we can attach in the event that this account goes to litigation. This will help us determine the debtor’s ability to pay by way of reviewing their assets vs. liabilities.

Standard Collecting

In collections, it’s about being able to listen to both sides in order to resolve the matter. Our strategy is tried, true, and, most importantly, effective. We’re of the “old school” approach that the phone collects the money, not the letters. Our collection representatives will contact each account you place and attempt to get your account paid with one of our proven talk-offs. We can customize our talk-off to your level of comfort or we can use our proven method.

Frequently Asked Questions