Turbo Debt Recovery strives to deliver top-notch collections results to each and every one of our clients. Our experienced collectors provide quality results and effective communication throughout the collection process. When it comes to debt collection service in Columbus, Ohio, Turbo Debt Recovery can’t be beat.

Who We Are

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Our mission is to be the preferred debt recovery partner for the Healthcare, Commercial and Government industries, while recovering in a professional, firm, and polite manner and delivering real results within 90 days.


Be the most efficient, responsive, and results driven collections partner for client who fit within our Core Focus.


VISION – We show through actions that we see where we are going, and that we are always on the same page

PERSISTENCE – We work as long as it takes, with continuous effort to achieve the desired outcome

COMMITMENT – We prioritize takes, empower associates, and encourage leadership. We are unwavering in our vow to deliver exceptional results while exhibiting superior client communication

INTEGRITY – We promote transparency in our operation, ensuring that we are accountable, honest, respectful and fair

EXCELLENCE – We are consistent in our execution, and continuously look to raise the bar. We believe if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right


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